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Do you like where we’re going? Would you like to partner up?

Product level (Addictlab Academy collab)

Maybe your product should be part of our offerings when going to schools or have kids in our lab for innovative and educational activities. We’ll evaluate your product, the workability of it in the constrains of our programs (ranges from two hour activities to 15 week courses). Screenings also take the SDGs (sustainable development goals) into account. Once passed that evaluation, we can set up collaboration like we have with other brands : Ideally we receive your products / educational packages for our trainers. We can also gain reseller status in those countries we are active in.

Lab Level : (Addictlab R& D collab)

Join, support or start dedicated research useful for your organisation or company. Open a lab, we’ll provide the lab manager, input, research and output of it. Ideally, a Lab has a published output.

Brand Level : (Addictlab collab)

Your logo, advertising in our communication tools. That can go from a logo on our bus to a fitting adver on

Hub Level :

Collaboration on a physical space. Would you like to set up Addictlab in your city/country? We have a methodology, ready to roll out packages, if you have the space, the team and the visitors.

Donations & recycling :

Maybe you have products/tools/ to give away or throw out. Get in touch.

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