At the Addictlab Academy we’re creating our own tools or reselling products that have proven their value in our workshops.


Addictlab Academy creative chemistry cards available in online store.

Creative Chemistry Cards™

The Creative Chemistry table consists of 145 disciplines or human ‘capabilities’, and about 50 character cards. This card set is a concrete package from a proven methodology to allow groups of people and individuals to think out of the box. The aim : mixing creative disciplines, to get inspiration from other fields and cultures, and obtain more depth in the creation process.

Price: 149CHF

Addictlab Academy cargo inflatable bags available in online store.

Dunnage Bags

Normally used for transporting cargo in boats and trucks, these inflatable bags are really strong – and fun! – to sit on. Different sizes can be ordered, bags can be combined with straps. You can paint them, decorate them and they are reusable. Simple price for a bag is 25 CHF but ask for quotes re. straps, other sizes & big quantities.

Price: 25CHF


Sustainable Development Evaluation Kit

Use our original Addictlab Academy Sustainable Development Goals (by United Nations) kit to evaluate the impact of an idea and make it better.

Price: 50CHF



3 Doodler Start kit

These pens are kid-safe, and allow your kids – and you –   to understand the concept of 3D printing. The plastic straws are inserted, heated, and with a little motor brought to the tip. It will remain flexible for about 4/5 seconds. Active kids who normally scribble away and speed up when sketching are learning to use the 3doodler pen at the speed the motor is bringing the plastic through.


3Doodler Start Regular Box Set
3Doodler Start crayon, 48 plastiques
3Doodler Start Project Book, chargeur USB

Plastic is biodegradable PLA. Price for this START box is 85 CHF. (Please note there is also a 3Doodler CREATE pen – it’s not recommended for kids under 14, as the tip heats up. But great for adults!)


extra strands

As an Addictlab member, you can order your plastic strands with us.

ECO-filaments START

set 1

white, mint, yellow, orange

set 2

grey, blue, green, red


Scribbling Machines set / Machines à gribouiller

This set allows you to build a scribbling machine at home. The pack contains essentials, yet you need to add recycled tin cans, pens, tape.

Pack contains:

  • Motor
  • battery holder & wires
  • battery
  • glue stick (for rotor)
  • manual – how to build your machine


City wear Scarves

From Our Tourist Lab research.  The scarf  – in 100% satin – is a fashionable object – and when lost , you easily find your way.

The scarf can be customised by adding buttons and badges (eg your house, preferred walk, restaurant). Also exists for Brussels, Milan.