Addictlab, as a creative laboratory, attracts and tests activities, services and products that can be used for businesses and companies (yourownlab) or for kids and schools for our educational programs ( Currently, the following machines and tools are in use.

  • For rent : conditions apply  (not applicable to the third party machinery)
  • For trainings : would you like to be trained on some of our tools? As an Addictlab facilitator?Subscribe to the newsletter or get in contact.
  • For purchases: on some machines we have direct contacts with the producers and/or distributors and can act as reseller.

Art & Design Area

HTC Vive for Virtual Reality experiences & art

Oculus Quest for Virtual Reality experiences & art

3Doodler Start kits for initiation on 3D printing (kids)

3Doodler Create kits for initiation 3D printing (adults)

The Slate for instantly digitalising sketches

Remarkable for digital drawing & sketching

Cyanotype photography kit

Badge machines (42 & 55mm)

Sand Art card kit

Kintsugi Japanese art repair kit with gold powder

Bookbinding kits

Robotics, coding & gaming

Sphero robots for coding & programming

Atari vintage gaming console & games

Mini-Spheros for programming courses

Thymio robots for programming

LEGO WE.DO for building and programming

LEGO SPIKE for building and programming

Osmo coding game (from age 5)

Micro:bit for making & coding

Robo:bit for making & coding

Littlebits for making & electric circuits

Double – telepresence robot

HTC Vive for Virtual Reality

Mini golf  course for robotics programming

Pool table for Sphero robotics programming

Leap Motion for Virtual Reality experiences, spider dissecting, music

DIY drone building _ build your drone and fly it

Maker space

3D printer Qidi

3D printer XYZ

SnapMaker : CNC , laser cutter, 3D printer

SnapMaker 2.0 : CNC , laser cutter, 3D printer (35cm)

SnapMaker 2.0 : rotary axe (for laser, 3dprint, cnc)

Pancake printer

Eggbot printer

chocolate 3D printer

3D food printer

(chocolate, broccoli, meat, butter, avocado, bread,…)

Solar Light and battery kits

Makey Makey kits

Scribbling machines

Smooth-On silicon – food safe

CRICUT (paper, vinyl, tissue, wood)

Vinyl cutter

Compound 9 for prototyping for cardboard engineering

Scribit (draw on walls)

Urban Mobility test tools

Brainstorm tools

Covid-Egg (social distancing furniture – cardboard or wood)

Serre à idées – Idea greenhouse

Mobile Creative Lab

idea wall & flyers

Creative Chemistry cards for profiling, ideation, brainstorming, ice breaking

Mobile carts for space dividing, event flow design and dedicated activity areas

Addictlab Academy cargo inflatable bags available in online store.

inflatable cardboard bags for lounge seating and paint activities

Panels & plugs for modular booths – can be customised

easy to mount and adaptable cardboard or wooden structures to be used as space dividers, shelter, exhibitions

third party machinery

Laser cutter. Bought by 5 members of Pangloss Labs, including Addictlab, located at Ferney Voltaire

Laser Cutter . Owned by the University of Geneva, Geneva Tsinghua Initiative, partner Addictlab.

Located at the SDG Solution Space, Geneva

CNC milling machine for moulding

Located at the SDG Solution Space, Geneva.

For all wood working tools, please turn to our partners of Knock on Wood.

Signage & postering

Creative disciplines


SDG idea wall (17 posters 50 – 150cm)

Poster (tissue) with all SDGS and the SDG targets (english)

SDG panels (20 * 20 cm) – can be linked together & hang

All SDGs (on tissue) (english & french)