Creative Chemistry Cards – full set (3 boxes)

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Addictlab’s unique card game for brainstorming, profiling & ideation.


This combines all creative cards. The set contains 3 boxes:

  • Creative Chemistry Cards (140)
    • about 140 disciplines / human capabilities
    • empty cards
  • Character & profiling kit (76)
    • character cards
    • gender cards
    • emotions cards
    • empty character cards
    • profile / participants cards
  • Sustainable Development Goals kit (23)
    • 17 sustainable development Goals
    • idea card
    • positive impact card
    • negative impact card

For all information on how to play :

To avoid stocks and unnecessary over-production, these boxes are produced on demand yet using grouped production when possible. Could take 3 to 4 weeks. Addictlab will get in contact re possible shipping costs or alternative delivery.

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