The SDG Fab Lab is uniquely positioned in the heart of Geneva, at the Campus Biotech near the UN, as part of the SDG Solution Space, a vibrant ecosystem that unites students, companies and organisations from international geneva, gearing up for the 2030 goals.

The SDG Fab Lab is a workshop within the SDG Solution Space which offers the usage of various machines & tools to help you create the perfect prototype or mock-up for your project. It is also frequently used as a teaching space for young and old alike.

The facility is managed by Addictlab, in cooperation with University of Geneva. The Addictlab team can show you and your team or class how to use the tools properly and guide you through the development of your project. The SDG Fab Lab can also be used to organise events or visits, and is also regularly used as part of hands-on workshops in the SDG Master Program of the University of Geneva on Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability (IHDS).

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Communication Class

Learn to communicate & publish

  • software: illustrator, indesign, photoshop

1,5 hour session

Ideation Class

Make your Ideas Matter More

introduction to the SDG Impact Evaluation Kit

1 hour session

3D Design & printing

Learn to design in 3D and print it

  • software: Tinkercad
  • machines : snapmaker / Ultimaker

1,5 hour session

Robotics Class

learn to prototype using LEGO spike. Build and program.

1,5 hour

Crafts : Stamp Making

create your own stamp

software: illustrator

machine used: laser cutter

1,5 hour

Crafts : Kintsugi

Learn the Japanese art of repairing ceramic objects

1 hour

Crafts : Book binding

Introduction to book binding,

Make your own book.

1,5 hour

Profiling & orientation

Use the Creative Chemistry cards to profile yourself, discover about your friends and fellow students

1 hour session

Initiation to coding

Learn to code using the Microbit

1 hour