Addictlab has a number of labs (Chocolate Lab, Science Education Lab, Urban Green Lab, Design Lab …) Our Creative lab exists since 1997 and believes in mixing creative disciplines.  The Addictlab Academy selects activities from the labs for educational & corporate workshops for kids, adults and companies. We want participants to learn, experiment, improvise, collaborate and accelerate their talent.

Learning By Lab

The Addictlab Academy offers a unique educational experience that pushes cross-curricular learning. Project based learning and cross disciplinary thinking is a transformational and even disruptive approach to education that places the learner at the center of an interdisciplinary experience. By Learning by lab and offering a mixed set of workshops,  each individual can go through a journey of discovery, inspiration and talent acceleration where they embrace success and failure, collective intelligence, and above all, have fun.

How does it work?

The Addictlab Academy can visit your school to bring its inspirational activities to your students. Packages are adapted to time, availability and age groups. Ideally, the school/company/organization designates a dedicated area for a temporary setup of a ‘school lab’.

  • mentoring & prototyping of student projects
  • Sustainable development goals awareness kit
  • profiling tools & personal assessment for students


  • Français
  • English

More info?

contact for all questions and information

Impact on the curriculum

  • Programming & coding

  • Tactile learning

  • Collaborative processes

  • Learning by doing

  • Learning by emotion

  • Talent acceleration

  • Creative thinking, design thinking & problem solving

  • Out of the box thinking

  • Cross disciplinary curriculum

  • Prototyping

  • Computational thinking: breaking down complex problems

What do we offer

Campus visits

  • school labs (set up lab at your school for half a day, a day, or longer)
  • with or without our bus

Home Schooling

  • mentoring & prototyping of student projects
  • Sustainable development goals awareness kit
  • profiling tools & personal assessment for students

Short workshops

  • design prototyping,
  • visual identity
  • 3D printing
  • robotics
  • thinkering
  • photography
  • VR
  • other


for adults, kids, schools: available courses

  • drawing in 21st Century
  • robotics : programming and coding
  • S.T.E.A.M (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics)
  • entrepreneurial : ideation, design & prototyping
  • SDG challenges
  • graphic design, branding & publishing

(packages of 1,5h * 10 weeks) 

SDG Challenges

It’s not all play and fun. We give our students concrete SDG challenges.

Your Own Addictlab, Fab Lab or STE(A)M center

Would you like to install your own lab at school? Ask for advice on what machines, what activities, what tools.

Set up of school lab : Kids go from one station to another

Focus on collaboration and mixing creative disciplines

Unique tools to profile and help students in their orientation and personal development

Addictlab Academy SDG impact evaluation kit available in online store

Focus and own developed tools on the UN’s 17 Sustainable development Goals

Previous experiences & schools include: le Rosey, St Georges, Champittet, Lycée Internationale Ferney, New York Times Student Journeys, British School of New Delhi, FERMUN students, Passeport Vacances Rolle

Home schooling activities : a unique mix of creative disciplines

info and registration for your School Lab