This set is box two out of three of the Creative Chemistry cards set. Box 2 contains:

Character & profiling cards.
About 50 character cards based on the IB profile (International Baccalaureat). Cards on a person’s character and learner. ‘I am curious’, ‘I like to share’ and more.
Emotion cards.
8 basic emotions cards. Evident to use for personal profiling , but also because our ideas or ideation capabilities will be influenced by current, past or future emotions. Inflict an emotion during your assessment and see how that influences the outcome.
Gender cards.
To allow diverse gender profiling we added ‘male’, ‘female’ and ‘other’ genders.
5 senses cards adding all 5 senses for future use.
Lab Member cards.
Empty ID cards for people taking part in your sessions (extra cards available, or simply copy

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