Message for girls (11 – 14 year old, near Geneva)

Become an SDG LABBIE

Are you into recycling? Are you against injustice and war? Do you simply want to change the planet?
Addictlab proposes a workshop to be a Sustainable Development Goals researcher.
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to change the planet by 2030 to achieve prosperity and peace for you, me, for all of us. The UN has adopted them; more than 190 countries in the world too.
2030, that’s in 11 years – how old will you be ? A very short time to solve some of the world’s problems*. But we have to begin somewhere, why not begin now to understand what some of the problems are ?
Addictlab, an international creative laboratory mixing diverse disciplines, has developed activities, tools and even a magazine to create awareness on these goals. Addictlab and its partners such as the University of Geneva (the SDG Solution Space) will show SDG research in – think mushroom shoes or recycled bottles turned into bird feeders using 3Dprinting or more. Girls selecting the Addictlab workshop will learn about the SDGs, become SDG journalists for the SDGZINE, work with solar energy, recycle cardboard and …maybe even 3D print food waste.
* Some examples of world problems:
– fix the climate crisis, lower CO2pollution and average temperatures
– reduce waste – eg. 1/3 of all food is wasted
– use less plastic (8.3 billion tons produced so far) recycle more (6.3 billion tons to go)
– lift 1 in 10 people out of poverty
– provide toilets for 2.5 billion people who don’t have them

Science and technology events and activities for young girls

Expanding Your Horizons Geneva is a non-profit association dedicated to providing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) experiences for young girls aged 11- 14 years old.

Lots of inspiring workshops, a discovery fair and a career’s forum

The 6th EYH Science Event will be held at the University of Geneva (Uni Mail) on Saturday November  16. It is a free event that caters to girls aged 11 – 14 years old living in Geneva and the surrounding region. They hope to attract 450 girls to take part in a selection from 25 workshops. It will be packed with experiences to show that science and technology can be fun and interesting for girls.

The EYH Science Event combines fun and hands on experiments. There are workshops in both French and English, delivered by local professional women in the field of science, mathematics, engineering and technology.

Parents are also invited to participate in a forum to discuss ways to encourage and support your daughters to maintain an interest in STEM at school and to later consider a career in these fields.

Registration is now open!        ONLINE REGISTRATION