Addictlab has set up a day-lab at a renowned Swiss boarding school in Rolle. During the day, about 60 kids learned to

  • station 1 : take pictures of flowers in the garden using the 1842 methodology Cyanotype
  • station 2 : make scribbling machines using recycled material, pens and motors
  • station 3 : 3doodle a marble track
  • station 4: scan their faces and objects in 3D, learn about 3D printing & create a fidget spinner
  • station 5 : draw in Virtual Reality using the HTC Vive and Google Tiltbrush
  • station 6 : program the Sphero robots, have them write a letter, and take long exposure photos of that movement
  • station 7 : discover the Thymio robots, Leap Motion and the Double Robot.

As an extra, we brought the 3D chocolate printer, and demonstrated printing a Dinosaur pancake.