Un petit dessin vaut mieux qu’un long blogpost. Here are some numbers of the Addictlab Academy activities in 2018 on the Swiss-French border.
– Total number of participating kids in birthday parties in Geneva at SDG Solution Space and France, Ferney Voltaire at Espace Candide: 925.
– Number of cakes eaten: 82
– Number of candles blown: 706
– Participating kids in school lab activities (courses and workshops): 521
– total visitor reach of our booths and bus in Lausanne and Geneva: 157.000 (…)
– number of lego blocks custom 3D printed: 460
We estimate we made over 450 scribbling robots with recycled bottles, build 30 drones, build 80 solar panel houses, drove Sphero & Thymio robots for about 20 kms, painted in Virtual Reality for 246 hours and 3D printed over a 1000 meter of wood filament.
2018 was an exciting year…. get in touch if you want to be part of it in 2019. We will be looking for new opportunities and partners to grow our concept… stay tuned.


As far as our consultancy unit ‘Yourownlab’ goes, here are some highlights of 2018:

  • hacking the Thymio robot of the University of Lausanne to look and behave like the autonomous vehicle of the TPG (Transport Public Genevois).
  • creating a 3D experience for a nutrition and health client
  • designing Halloween furniture bought by a commercial center
  • producing newspapers and custom designed chocolates for a client
  • hosting and delivering tools for numerous Sustainable Development Goals workshops
  • designing and producing an SDG idea wall

R&D /research

Addictlab.com, our R&D unit, still has a long way to go (read: find budgets) to reinstate the initial website with collaborative ideas and community. Yet a new publication concept will see the daylight soon…