Addictlab and the University of Geneva collaborated on an inspiring place at the Cité des Métiers in Geneva, from 20 – 25 November. ‘Le Labo, a dedicated space in the ‘Future des Métiers’ section by Nomads Foundation, showed visitors research by the University of Geneva, Cern’s micro club, TPG’s autonomous vehicle and from Addictlab’s creative lab.

  • using COZMO robots for AI and psychopathology
  • using VR for emotions and fear to height issues
  • using VR for new forms of art
  • using Kilobot robots to mimic one cell organisms and AI
  • adapt  & program the Thymio robot to act as the TPG autonomous vehicle
  • create a DIY telescope to look at the observatoire
  • print with 3d food printer
  • use USB microscope
  • dissect spiders using Leap motion
  • profile and orientation of students with Addictlab’s creative chemistry cards
  • SDGZINE magazine concept
  • program Sphero to solve a maze

The fair attracted a record breaking 91.000 students, parents and school representatives.