Ateliers d’animation – Addictlab collaborates with Pays de Gex Tourism

Addictlab has started a collaboration with Pays de Gex Tourism. As the Tourist board organises an exhibition on animation in the Chateau Voltaire this summer, Addictlab will be setting up workshops in different locations: Gex, Ferney-Voltaire, Fort L'Ecluse.. Kids will be invited to come for a half day workshop and create their own [...]

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Innovative home activities : STEAM online courses

STEAM ONLINE : Our lab in your house! Addictlab organises STEAM camps and courses (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths). All activities are evaluated and linked to the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGS) of the United Nations. Addictlab's mission is to mix creative disciplines. Design, draw in 3D, 3D print, paint in virtual reality, learn about [...]

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Message for girls 11 to 14 years

Message for girls (11 - 14 year old, near Geneva) Become an SDG LABBIE   Are you into recycling? Are you against injustice and war? Do you simply want to change the planet?   Addictlab proposes a workshop to be a Sustainable Development Goals researcher.   The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to [...]

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New York Times Student Journeys

The School lab program is attracting a growing interest. Recently Addictlab hosted a week of  lab discovery activities, and this included students from Boston (New York Times Student Journeys) and from the British School of New Delhi. These organisations have put Addictlab on their to do list in Geneva next to a visit of Cern. [...]

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Addictlab and possible jobs of the future

Addictlab and the University of Geneva collaborated on an inspiring place at the Cité des Métiers in Geneva, from 20 - 25 November. 'Le Labo, a dedicated space in the 'Future des Métiers' section by Nomads Foundation, showed visitors research by the University of Geneva, Cern's micro club, TPG's autonomous vehicle and from Addictlab's creative [...]

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Steam Classes now open

Our collaboration with the Espace Candide is extended till end of January 2019. This means we can now offer courses and workshops throughout the first semester in Ferney Voltaire next to Geneva. Our Steam Class combines different Addictlab activities, from robotics, food printing, design, art, VR, programming, drone building, 3D and much more. One Semester [...]

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creation of 3D virtual reality experience for nutrition brand

Customised Virtual Reality Experience. YourOwnLab, Addictlab's consultancy unit helps companies to think out of the box, and gives access to creative thinking and innovative tools. For a Geneva based nutrition client, we produced a game using the existing Google TiltBrush app. Visitors of the booth could try to answer some questions related to human breast milk [...]

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Updated list of all machines

We get the question regularly : what tools and machines do you use for your educational activities at schools, or your innovation projects with companies and organisations? What's different from a Fablab? What own tools do you develop at Addictlab and what products to learn about the SDGS (sustainable development goals) can we have access [...]

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Addictlab Academy s’installe à l’Espace Candide

Cet été, Addictlab Academy est le bienvenu dans le nouveau centre Espace Candide à Ferney Voltaire.  Venez imprimer en 3D, dessiner en réalité virtuelle, programmer des robots, faire de la photographie comme on faisait en 1842, créer des machines à gribouiller, apprendre à faire un circuit avec un panneau solaire et encore beaucoup plus. Réservez [...]

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